Forstner Contemporary Flat Link Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet for Omega Speedmaster


The flat link bracelet is one of the most recognizable Omega bands of all time, having been provided with the Speedmaster and Seamaster when they were first released. After a long period during which the style was discontinued, Forstner faithfully recreated a vintage-inspired version of the bracelet, which quickly became one of its most popular products.

By popular request, Forstner now offers a contemporary version of the flat link,  retaining the proportions and style of the original while making the bracelet more substantial overall.  With this version, Forstner introduces its first milled clasp with pushbutton mechanism while maintaining the look of the original clasp. The links are also thicker and longer -- approximately 3mm thick and 6.5mm long, vs. 2.5mm and 5mm on the original version.

The Contemporary Flat Link is an out-of-the-box stunner, with the look and feel of a modern bracelet that could be supplied with the current Speedmaster and Seamaster lines. 

  • Solid 316L stainless steel, including solid steel curved end pieces.
  • Links measure 3mm thick and 6.5mm long.
  • Links are easily removable via a single-screw system. Screwdriver included for sizing.
  • 3.0mm thick.
  • Length is adjustable (via link removal and micro-adjustment in clasp) from 120mm to 180mm.
  • Fits wrists approximately 5-3/4" - 8-1/2". 
  • Milled pushbutton clasp with finishing that matches the bracelet.
  • Clasp measures approximately 18.5mm.
  • No spring links on this version (may be offered in the future).
  • 19mm end links fit First Omega in Space (FOIS) case (including the CK2998 limited editions and Hodinkee's 10th Anniversary limited edition).
  • 19mm end links have been reported to fit the Trilogy edition Seamaster and Speedmaster, though not as precisely as the cases mentioned above.
  • 19mm tapers from 19mm at the end pieces and widest link to 16mm at the clasp.
  • Pre-2021 20mm end links fit Omega Speedmaster Professional case until the introduction of the 2021 caliber 3861 version.
  • Post-2021 20mm end links fit the new 3861-caliber Speedmaster, the blue Snoopy, and the 50th anniversary Apollo 11 limited edition.
  • 20mm tapers from 20mm at the end pieces and widest link to 16mm at the clasp.
  • Includes spring bars.
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