Have you joined our Holben's loyalty program? It's easy! In no time, you'll be stacking up points to convert into valuable rewards.

Earn Points

  • If you haven't done so already, create a Holben's account to automatically earn 250 points! (Already signed up with Holben's? We've added 250 points to your account, so you're off to the races.)
  • Like us on Facebook to earn 50 points.
  • Follow us on Instagram to earn another 50 points.
  • Earn 5 points for every dollar you spend on our website.


Turn Points into Rewards

Once you've earned 500 points or more, redeem those points for rewards:

  • 500 points: $5 off
  • 1,000 points: $10 off
  • 2,000 points: $20 off
  • 5,000 points: $50 off
  • 10,000 points: $100 off


Go Shopping

After redeeming your points, you'll receive your reward in the form of a coupon code to use toward any products on our website, including Bonetto Cinturini, ColaReb, deBeer, Di-Modell, Erika's Originals, EULIT, Fluco, Hadley-Roma, Haveston, RIOS1931 and Staib.



Q: How to I track my points?
A: Simple: View your point totals and rewards right in your Holben's account. You can also access your rewards panel through the Check Your Holben's Rewards Points link in the footer.

Q: Do my points expire?
A: There is no expiration on points earned.

Q: If I cancel or return my order, what happens to my points?
A: Points earned for items that are cancelled or returned will be deducted from your total.

Q: If I return my order, will I lose any rewards that I redeemed on this purchase?
A: No. Your rewards will be refunded to your account for use on a future order.

Q: Will I earn points for eBay purchases?
A: No. The Holben's Rewards program is available only for transactions completed through the website.


Ready to get started earning rewards? Log in to your existing account here. If you don't already have a Holben's account, create one here.

Have more questions, or need help? Contact us and we'll be happy to provide assistance.