Fluco Horween Shell Cordovan Racing Black Leather Watch Strap

Size (lug/buckle):
  • From Fluco, a German company founded in 1952.
  • Handmade in Germany from genuine Horween shell cordovan leather.
  • Founded in 1905, Horween Leather Company is one of America's oldest and most renowned tanneries.
  • Authentic Horween lining may feature tanning marks or sections of company stamp.
  • Vegetable tanned.
  • Sporty perforated pinhole design.
  • 3mm thick.
  • Fitted with a polished stainless steel buckle.
  • Piece length 120mm / 75mm excluding buckle.
  • Total length 7-3/4" (195mm) excluding buckle.
  • To determine size, measure the distance (in millimeters) between the lugs of your watch.
  • Includes one free pair of strong, seamless double-flange stainless steel spring bars.
  • Select sizes available with quick-release spring bars.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
My old Citizen never looked so good

I recently acquired an older example of Citizen's "Jump Hour" models, san's a complete bracelet. It's a smaller watch typical of the eighties - nineties era, most of which arrived with 18 mm steel bracelets. Mine came to me from Japan and I didn't realize there would be missing links. When it arrived I went directly to Holben's website where I found the Fluco Horween Leather band in Racing Black style, complete with bright silver buckle. It installed in a couple of minutes and it immediately transformed the looks of the watch. The fit and comfort are first class, no break-in period required. This is typical of the experiences I've had with Holben's, ultra fast service at very reasonable costs plus Mike never fails to offer suggestions (when asked) regarding possible bands to consider. You won't find a better place to buy your watch bands.

Phenomenal quality

I bought this strap for my Tag Heuer Carrera and am blown away by the quality and just how great of a pairing this is for my watch. 10/10


I bought this strap to put on my Omega Dynamic Date. This watch has been on all kind of straps, but this might be the best. The look and feel of the shell cordovan is better than most leather, and way better than the Ostrich strap I had been using the last year or so. I have it pictured on the wrist, and next to my wallet, which is not shell cordovan, but rather Horween Chromexcel.

The finest leather money can buy

Beautiful strap and a great price. Total value. Best choice for a sporty vintage chronograph.

Mark Hutchins

I have 6 Fluco bands. Four of them are the suede Nizzas and I have two of the Shell Cordovans. All of them are very comfortable and work well with various watches. Fluco is a great brand and there quality is very good.