EULIT Perlon Palma Pacific Navy Blue Watch Strap

Size/buckle color:
    • From EULIT, a German company founded in 1924.
    • Perlon is an extremely resistant, long-lasting material that's also lightweight, breathable, 100% waterproof and washable.
    • Made in EULIT's own factory in Germany.
    • EULIT has been making Perlon straps for decades, using a unique in-house-developed production process that achieves the highest quality standards.
    • EULIT's proprietary surface sealing treatment ensures unrivaled protection against soiling, moisture and perspiration while providing enhanced durability and resilience.
    • The two-piece Palma Pacific design employs a double-braided technique for rugged strength, incredible flexibility and a comfortable feel on the wrist.
    • No set size holes; braided construction allows a customized fit.
    • 1.65mm thick.
    • Available with polished, brushed or black stainless steel clasp.
    • Buckle securely double-stitched into place.
    • Clasp is securely double-stitched into place.
    • Piece length 125mm / 75mm excluding buckle.
    • Total length 7-7/8" (200mm) excluding buckle.
    • To determine strap size, measure the distance (in millimeters) between the lugs of your watch.
    • Includes one free pair of strong, seamless double-flange stainless steel spring bars.
    • Shopping for your Apple Watch? Select 22mm and use one of our handy adapters.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 129 reviews
    Treat yourself and experience true wrist ecstasy.

    These are not my first Eulit perlon straps nor will they be my last. Craftsmanship and quality absolutely unmatched if you handled any of the other competitor versions out there. Spring bars slide in effortlessly, zero gaps between the lugs and thin for those watches with shorter lugs - no rubbing against the case whatsoever. These are essentially perfection in my book. The pics are of the grey 22mm & 20mm tan (aka beige) paired up against a grade 3 titanium diver and a beater speedy. You will love these - biggest no brainer on the planet earth!

    All-weather watchbands

    I wear my Sinn 556A RS on its bracelet during the winter months, but when the weather begins to warm my wrist varies in diameter from day-to-day and during the day. I have a *ton* of watchbands, and I've punched holes between the holes on every one of them. And even then, I still can't always get an exact fit. The Eulit perlon straps solve this problem elegantly, comfortably and inexpensively. Even with constant adjustments, the material seals itself so you don't have unsightly unused holes. And if you hold one of these straps to the light, you can see how much ventilation they offer. Plus, the nylon is waterproof. I think I have all of the colors, which is a fun way to have several different "watches" for not much money.

    Holben's service has always been first-rate, with fast shipping to the east coast.

    The perfect strap - accept no less

    Happy to leave a review here, these straps are everything they were sold to be: comfortable, lightweight and stylish. Those are my priorities and these Eulits deliver in spades.

    So thin they don't interfere with resting your arm down anywhere, and with a breathable material that doesn't trap sweat easily.

    They've also dropped the weight on my already lightweight watch collection... it's almost like you're wearing nothing at all (nothing at all).

    This particular brown strap matched my gunmetal case better than I had expected, very satisfied with the result. But why stop there? I just placed an order for two more colors, bringing my total to 5.

    Big thanks to Mike from Holben's for helping this greenhorn sort out his watch game. One month ago, this was all a hunch and a dream. Several failed cases and straps later, i finally found a few watches that fit my wrist.

    While the straps remained daunting, Perlon caught my eye and research landed easily on Eulit. Holben's just happened to be the most attractive retailer, but boy am I lucky they were.

    With one on my cases supporting a 21mm band, Mike happily guided me through the details of not only fitting a Perlon to an odd size, but specifically a PACIFIC PALMA Perlon. He even ran the test on his own watches before responding, and included 21mm spring bars - which i was unaware was a thing. (20mm Pacific Palma for 21mm band size case, btw. It stretches out slightly).

    So here I am with no experience, happening upon probably the best guide i could hope - one with over 45 years experience. How great is that?

    Lately I've been lucky enough to add to the list quite a few brands and businesses that i can rely on. And here now? I know...

    Eulit for straps, Holben's for Eulits.

    Best two piece nylon strap

    Been looking for a vintage two piece nylon strap when I then found this one! Super high quality for a great price. And the 18mm fits those awkward vintage diver 17.5mm lug spacings. Another win from Holbens!

    reasonable watch fanatic
    Eulit Palma's are the bands I've been looking for.

    The Eulit Palma is light, comfortable, durable, and, most importantly, infinitely adjustable to your wrist size. You can make millimeter sized adjustments, which help to secure the perfect fit. Many reviewers complain about the perlon burrs and how they make the band feel scratchy (eyeroll). There is an easy fix for those burrs: simply take a lighter and hold the flame close to the burr--but do not make direct contact-- for no more than a second to soften it, then use your finger to smooth it out. Easy. I have a few pairs of these bands, and they seem to be going to the distance. Also, Holben's service is quick and responsive. I enjoy shopping here.