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Best Rubber Strap!

I was looking for a rubber strap for my Ventura V-matic. I needed a strap that was on the shorter side. This strap is perfect. It was made for this watch once I traded the buckle with the Ventura buckle. The best rubber strap ever.
Thank you!

Great Value!

The rubber strap is awesome and comfortable ! Looks great with my omega AT

Awesome quality & price. Great seller!

I have probably 35-40 watch straps from different makers and this is my 2nd favorite, just behind just behind a handmade leather strap from Twostitch straps. The rubber is a very good quality from a company that supplies straps for some high end watch makers. The rubber is soft, comfortable, pliable, durable, doesn't show any marks or scuffs despite being the strap I wear most often, isn't sticky, and doesn't collect lint. It feels and works like something that I would expect to cost a lot more, and there are plenty of mediocre straps out there that are much more expensive than this. I really like this design where the sides are thinner, and the buckle and retaining loops and are moderately sized. Some rubber straps have that thick chunky look with big chunky hardware & loops that would only go with a diver or other big chunky watches. This one however has a more streamlined look that I can wear a wider range of watch designs. I don't have to worry about sweat, water, wear & tear, & it holds heavier watches in place very well. I had a "premium italian rubber strap" from another maker but the material, comfort, & fit just didn't compare to this. I'm already planning to buy another in a slightly different design. I just wish the maker offered more options in 20mm, as many designs seem to be offered only in 22mm.

I have heard that the seller, Holben's Fine Watchbands, is one of the best online retailers. I had a very positive experience with them when an issue came up with a defect in an order. I happened to receive my order when they were already for an upcoming event. I wrote to them expecting the email to be received after they reopened, however to my surprise the owner read the email, replied, and sent a replacement with a return envelope before heading out. I didn't have to wait until the defective item got back to them first, he just took care of it and made it easy. I got the replacement quickly and in time for an occasion that I purchased ...

Great rubber, ok buckls

The rubber is fantastic quality. The buckle is a little flimsy, but I replaced it with the original high-quality buckle from my otherwise gross leather band and the whole setup is now pretty incredible.

Excellent strap, just not very long

Excellent quality; soft, comfortable, flexible and durable strap. Just bear in mind it is not very long. I have a 7" wrist and it is JUST long enough for my liking. It is more of a rubber dress strap [like a replacement for a leather strap] than a long dive strap as you would find on a dedicated dive watch.