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Awesome mesh bracelet

This bracelet is awesome. It is thick and stout not flimsy like some mesh bracelets, but comfortable as well. Highly recommend this product. The 150 mm version was a good fit for my 6.6" wrist. Only removed two links.

The original bracelet for my Austrian "Normalzeit"

I have the limited edition made in Austria "Normalzeit" but on a rubber strap since the bracelet version costs $220 more which was too much.
This steel bracelet is the exact and original one but costs only $124!
I'm happy!!

Most comfortable, versatile strap I've ever worn

Wow, that was fast. I put the order in via Amazon Saturday afternoon thinking it would be processed by the seller Monday. The seller had the strap out in the truck within I think an hour and a half on Saturday. I received it Tuesday at 1:00 pm. To top it off, the seller is in the Pacific Northwest and I'm on the coast in the South East. Hats off to Holben's and Amazon on the delivery.

The Staib is impeccably crafted and flawless in every detail. I have a relatively compact daily-wear 38mm Paul Picot Chronograph that I've been wearing for years on alligator leather and shark straps. Physically active in the South East, I find one good hike will drench the leather straps and stitching in sweat and salt. Despite their beauty, I finally gave up on constantly replacing rapidly degrading and expensive leather straps for something more robust, but still nice looking. I especially didn't want a metal after-market strap that felt cheap in the hand or during operation.

To my surprise, the Staib is instantly more comfortable than my leather straps, new or broken in. I have a small wrist for a man and it takes some time for thick leather straps to break in comfortably (the shark strap took an entire year). The Staib, though reasonably thick at 3.6mm, has a perfect bend for my wrist and stays put, balancing the heavy chronograph. There are times that I have to look down to ensure the watch is even there. It just disappears on the wrist.

The mesh breathes. I've been out hiking in 90-plus degree, humid weather and I don't even notice the watch, whereas the leather straps would get drenched with sweat and I could feel it accumulating against my wrist within minutes. While I routinely wiped down my leather straps, there are areas that I just can't get into and are prone to wear and cracking over time. I'm now sold on mesh as a no-worry exercise strap. It's fair to say that this is the most comfortable strap I've ever worn.

It's also a super versatile strap. It picks u...

Five Stars

Undoubtedly the best mesh you can buy. Oem supplier to luxury watch brands.

Expensive but beautiful.

Pricy for a watch band but great quality. Used for a Seiko watch that came with a leather band I was not a fan of. It is polished really nice and has a good weight. No complaints!