Hirsch Pure Orange Rubber Watch Strap

  • From Hirsch, an Austrian family business founded in 1765.
  • Premium, thick caoutchouc natural rubber.
  • The ideal bracelet for sports and diving watches!
  • Completely waterproof, dimensionally stable, tear-proof.
  • Resistant to external influences such as UV light and chemicals.
  • Gentle on skin (no allergy caused by latex).
  • Underside of bracelet arches inwards for air circulation (only the edges touch the wrist).
  • Integrated stopper secures loop, prevents bracelet from twisting and slipping.
  • Piece length 120mm / 80mm excluding buckle.
  • Total length 7-7/8" (200mm) excluding buckle.
  • Fitted with a Hirsch-branded polished stainless steel buckle.
  • 4mm thick at lugs, tapering to 3mm.
  • Integrated with stainless steel quick-release spring bars.
  • Shopping for your Apple Watch? Select 22mm and use one of our handy adapters.
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Strap 20 22
Buckle 18 20

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Currently deployed getting the hell beat out of it with no issues.

Very nice material and buckle. The shape is just flat ...

Material 5 stars
Buckle 5 stars
Shape 3 stars
So the rating should really be 4.5 stars.
I really wish they made the straps curve where they connect to the watch.
Then this would have been the perfect strap ...
Compare with the $50 FKM strap that hugs the hand much better:

The Rubber Strap Flagship

This is (or should be) the standard by which all other rubber straps are judged. It is just perfect in texture, flexibility, and utility. The only complaint is that it smells... rubbery. Life-hack: Put it in a baggie with a vanilla-scented strap (Bonetto) for a few hours, and it'll pick up the scent like a PB&J in a lunchbox with a banana. The buckle was a bit flashy for me, as I was putting this on a new Marathon Steel-Cased Navigator. Uncle Seiko to the rescue, because he sells bead-blasted 18mm buckles.

Great rubber strap!

Very comfortable, luxe rubber strap. Works well on a range of watches. Shown here with the Fluco deployant strap, which is a great combo. And of course Mike's service is always impeccable.

Hirsch makes the best dive watch strap

I purchased my third Hirsch Pure Rubber Strap for the new SPB151, and it’s perfect, which is why I have 3 of these straps in the first place.