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Hirsch makes the best dive watch strap

I purchased my third Hirsch Pure Rubber Strap for the new SPB151, and it’s perfect, which is why I have 3 of these straps in the first place.


Natural rubber is great! The short version is just what the doctor ordered for my wrist. There are two more features: the first keeper (closest to the buckle) has special ears that keep it in place and the second keeper stays in place because the strap is tapered slightly. The short version provides the perfect fit, but these features are icing on the cake. I am using this strap with my DOXA Sub 300T Professional since I love my school colors of black and orange! I am going to buy more of these straps for my other divers. Great strap and great service!

Excellent dive watch strap!

I like the Hirsch Pure caoutchouc straps so much, I've put them on all my dive watches. They don't attract lint like silicone rubber straps, are WAY more comfortable, and hardier to boot. Worth every penny. Availability in a 'short' length is icing on the cake. I've bought five or six of them from Holben's now. Outstanding in every way.

Great Strap, Great Service

The Hirsch natural rubber strap was the perfect solution for my Oris Diver 65. Oris doesn't offer different strap lengths and the rubberized strap that came with the watch was too long for my 6.75" wrist. Rubber straps will stick straight out if they slip out of the keeper. I don't like poorly fitting straps. The Hirsch natural rubber strap comes in a shorter length so there is less excess. And I like the simple, flat design. Just the right thickness too. Nicely made and comfortable. Worth the price especially since I received it 2 days after ordering. Sent across the country. Thanks Holben's!

Hirsch Pure Rubber

I tried leather, nato ,bracelet and rubber straps.I now prefer to wear bracelet and rubber straps which suits my life style, but as a guy with smaller wrist,it's hard to find a strap that offers a short length . I came across hirsch short rubber strap,since then I now own 4 of this short rubber strap and maybe will purchase more. This straps looks awesome on bead blasted finish,brushed and polished cases. This straps don't attract lint and wear out like leather or bracelets. One concern I have is how durable the keepers are, I hope they were thicker/wider but time will tell how they will hold up.I also want to them to offer more colors and styles.