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I liked my first one so much, I purchased three more. Do yourself a favor and get one. It is comfortable, well-made, supple, and a cinque to put on. These type of straps are hard to find, so don’t hesitate if this is the look you’re after.

Very impressed, high quality Bund Leather strap

My Seiko Alpinist looks and feels great with this affordable high quality leather Fluco Bund strap, highly recommended.

Very good, watch band, one small quibble, part 2

Well, I took the strap to a guy I know who sells custom leather goods and he made a good strap even better by installing a snap, and removing the cumbersome buckle. Now I have a watch strap that fits perfectly, and no fiddling with threating a thick strap through a massive buckle and a tiny keeper.

Very good, watch band, one small quibble

First the good. It is a well made strap. Leather seems to be good quality, and thick. Yet it is comfortable and not at all stiff as you sometimes see with cheaper brands. The tab system works very well and gives me a feeling of security that my watch isn't going anywhere. My new Junkers chronograph looks great on the wrist with the Fluco Bund style strap. It could be a bit longer but so long as I can get it on my wrist, I am not complaining.

So why only 4 stars instead of 5? Well, the giant buckle is a little flimsy, and it is a bit unwieldy getting that huge, thick strap through the buckle, and the keepers are small and flimsy for such a thick, wide strap. What would I suggest? Well, if you tapered the strap down a little and put a 24 or even a 26mm buckle on, it would be better.
Even better would be to come up with something even more elegant, like a snap type closure, maybe with several holes to adjust the fit.

Excellent Quality, Looks Great!

I needed a band for my Pobeda Red 12, a small watch (32mm). It was on a one piece leather strap which was just OK. The watch has fixed bars, which really narrows down the possibilities. Came across Bund straps and decided to take a chance on the Fluco Vigo Brown. Am I glad I did! It is one of, if not the, nicest and most comfortable straps I've ever owned. Soft and flexible immediately, no breaking in period. Really well made. Looks retro cool. As a bonus still has that leather smell (if you put it up to your nose). I am definitely a fan and will be getting another one - probably in tan - for my green dial vintage Vostok.