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Nice vintage strap

It gives your watch a nice vintage look, in my case this strap made my watch a bit more casual

Blue is the color of my true loves eyes

Exceeded my expectations -very nice quality and workmanship -great length ( many straps are marginal for my 7.5” wrist. Would have liked to see a lined back and a tapering of the thickness but, really could not expect at a his price point!

Love the Flucos from Holben's

This is a very easy review to write. I have Fluco straps from Holben's on four watches. From left to right - Late 1960's Rolex Datejust, 1964 Bulova Accutron I inherited from my father, 1968 Bulova Accutron my parents gave to me for my college graduation, and my 1970's Helbros Mickey Mouse watch. I bought he first Fluco strap to see if I liked Flucos. The other three followed shortly. The leather is great, the workmanship excellent, the appearance very pleasing, and the comfort superb. Plus, Holben's delivery is timely. The Accutrons have been completely serviced by Rob Berkavicius in Bangkok, Thailand and get lots of wrist time. I frequently wear all of these on their Fluco bands. Based on my experience, I highly recommend both Fluco straps and Holben's.

Fluco red stich.

Great first time purchase experience with Holdens. The Fluco leather strap looks great on my Timex Q. Only issue needs to be a little longer for my wrist size.

Great looking strap

It is a great looking strap and can give any watch a more relaxed or vintage look.

As some people have said the strap is pretty thick, which is only an issue when putting it through the keeper and free loop.