Fluco Flip Lock Deployant Clasp Stainless Steel

  • From Fluco, a German company founded in 1952.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Heavy gauge polished stainless steel.
  • Foldover style with a pressure-click flip lock design.
  • Easily adjusted.
  • Stronger, safer buckle connection.
  • Replaces traditional buckles with tangs (tongues).
  • Accommodates straps up to 4mm thick.
  • To determine the clasp size you need, measure your band at the buckle end. (Be sure to measure at the point where the strap meets the buckle!)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
The best deployant clasps you can find for the money

simple, unobtrusive, solidly build, and they stay shut. IMO, better than the push button butterfly, which sometimes opens when my wrist hits the button inadvertantly. But not the fluco single deployant.
I have a bunch of these, along with similar ones from HR,, Debeer, and some generic ones, Fluco are the best overall. the only caveat being, on really thin straps, HR are better. But on thicker straps, Fluco are the way to go.
You can see in the pics, the same Fluco on a Barton sailcloth, and on a Rios pilot strap. Works equally well on both.
There might be a better deployant out there, but not for $20.

Excellent Clasp

Fluco makes some of the best clasps available. I've been impressed with their butterfly clasp and want to try this fold over. Great materials and finishing.

Clean design, solid construction, looks great

If you like deployant clasps, this is a nice upgrade from a quick release. Shown on the Hirsch Pure Rubber strap. And thanks for the advice and quick shipping!

Paul Lee
Easy to apply and firm to lock

Good quality. Fit to strap. Can use a long time.

Richard Keitt
Quality Shows

This is a quality product. The finish is well polished and the action feels solid and sturdy.