EULIT Perlon Baltic Black Watch Strap

    • From EULIT, a German company founded in 1924.
    • Made in EULIT's own factory in Germany.
    • Perlon is an extremely resistant, long-lasting material that is also lightweight and breathable, 100% waterproof and washable.
    • EULIT has been making Perlon straps for decades, using a unique in-house-developed production process that achieves the highest quality standards.
    • EULIT's proprietary surface sealing treatment ensures unrivaled protection against soiling, moisture and perspiration while providing enhanced durability and resilience.
    • The Baltic design employs the popular, finely executed braiding technique that EULIT has produced for decades.
    • One-piece, pull-through configuration makes strap changes easy!
    • 235mm (9-1/4") long, excluding buckle.
    • No set size holes; woven construction allows a customized fit.
    • 1.3mm tightly woven Perlon.
    • Fitted with an adjustable, German-made sliding brushed stainless steel ladder buckle.
    • To determine size, measure the distance (in millimeters) between the lugs of your watch.
    • Includes one free pair of strong, seamless double-flange stainless steel spring bars.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Comfortable strap with unwieldy buckle

    EULIT makes the most comfortable perlon straps bar-non. The buckle on the Baltic model is much too wide for slim wristed folks; or wrists with more curvature. Buckle ends tend to lift and catch on things. I swapped the buckle with the Kristall model as someone suggested (new strap shown with shorter buckle).

    Nice strap but ugly buckle

    After wearing the Eulit Panama royal blue almost daily for more one year, I feel very satisfy and looking for other color. Pick up a Panama grey and Baltic navy blue. I did read the review about the buckle and yes.... very true and really very ugly compare to the previous. It has lost the elegant look and look like a cheap piece of metal. Although it is a 20mm strap, but it is like only 19mm, a tad bit narrower and not full 20mm, can see in the picture. The weaving of the baltic seems not so spread evenly, unlike the panama. Besides, the new straps did not have a EULIT gold wording anymore. (In picture for comparison, from left, Kristal Black-old, Baltic Navy Blue-new, Panama Grey-new, Panama Royal blue-old)

    Holbens really lives up its reputation and the items come in a nice package with the extra 20mm lugs, will definitely be back for more. The minus 2 star is for the ugly buckle and the not perfect weaving.

    David Houser
    Good but no cigar

    I'm a big Eulit perlon fan and have been wearing the Kristall from Holben's for a number of years. I wanted to try another color other than black so I thought I'd try the Baltic in green and brown.

    The Baltic material is slightly heavier than the Kristall but is the same high quality. The colors look very good and are not too flashy.

    The big negative is the buckle. Compared to the Kristall buckle, it seems cheap, bigger and is oddly shaped. It looks like a buckle that you get on a band from a dollar store. I did not care for the buckle at all.

    Instead of returning the straps I swapped out the funny looking Baltic buckles with a couple Kristall buckles from older straps that I had.
    Now I'm a happy camper and will continue to buy my Eulit straps from Holben's . Too bad I had to deduct 1 star because of the buckle.

    Great strap, fair clasp

    I agree with other reviewers here - the strap is wonderful just like Eulit's other high-quality straps, but it is let down a bit by the clasp. I find it larger/bulkier than the past version of this clasp. It doesn't really fit with the slim style of the strap. Plus, the word EULIT is now on the opposite of the buckle tang, instead of on the same side of the buckle tang, so it is not as visible and not as visually appealing.
    Have to mention how awesome the folks at Holbens are - they helped me find a version of this strap that was a little smaller than 18mm to fit my 17.5mm lug-width watch. Awesome customer service!!

    Lightweight, comfortable

    I personally don't mind the buckle, but it is wide. My wrists are small but flat...

    On the flip side, for small wrists, the buckle is enough to keep the extra length under control for the most part.