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Functional and Comfortable Person Watch Strap

I like to travel. The last thing I want to do is to attract the attention of a mugger that suspects I come from money. Therefore I wear a functional low cost watch that keeps good time. The problem is that the watchband that comes with my watch is made of silicone that adjusts either too tight or too loose. The EULIT Perlon watch strap adjusts to fit the specific diameter of preference. The strap allows you to tuck unwanted strap length out of sight. No unwanted extra strap length flapping about. The webbing is tightly woven, waterproof, and so light one forgets it's there. The watch strap is unobtrusive, yet in its minimalist way, classic. It is the perfect replacement watchband for my lifestyle, and maybe yours. Holben's delivered quickly and without incident.


My first perlon strap and I couldn't be happier. Extremely lightweight but sturdy feeling, looks very classy and works perfectly on my 1970 Marlin. Very happy with Holben's.

Perfect summer strap

I finally resurrected my old 80s Seiko, but the original bracelet was worn out. When I saw this with the gold buckle on it, I knew it was perfect. This is the highest quality Perlon strap that I have seen. The strap is very stiff, for nylon, it seems to have been heated(welded?) on the inside to maintain a tight weave. The outside of the strap is nice to look at, with the woven threads giving it texture. You can't sense the stiffness when it's on the wrist, though it's not buttery smooth either. The feel makes it seem more durable. I love that you can adjust it exactly, and only one hole visible on the strap! If you change where it's buckled, the previous hole just disappears. The brown is more of a tobacco color, it goes really well with the gold finish of my watch. It's light and breathable, perfect for the warm weather. The fabric lowers the formal vibe of a gold watch, making it fine for casual wear. Highly recommend.

Great strap

This is a great watch strap. Well made and extremely comfortable. I’ve heard people say that Perlon straps are “scratchy” but I don’t notice anything like that at all. I purchased this strap just for the hell of it and it actually looks classier than my current leather strap on my Datejust somehow. It is a short strap and it’s a great fit for me but just barely, and I could see people with bigger wrists not being able to use it. Lastly, Holdens was great with extremely fast shipping and a smooth transaction.


First time perlon owner so I did a lot of research and reading of reviews before I made this purchase, I'm incredibly happy with the result! It looks and feels great :) My watch has lugs that are barely 16mm (I've bought a 16mm strap or two that wouldn't fit) and this perlon strap is perfect. I love the look and feel of a lot of suede straps but for someone who does a lot of commuting, errands, and whatnot by foot, the breathability of this strap is fantastic.