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Perlon Palma

I don’t always wear Perlon but when I do, I prefer Eulit. They’re reliably comfortable, durable and versatile. My wife even likes these straps in the brighter colors to change out on her “fun” watches, an example at the far right. While I have some of each thickness, I especially like the Palma for larger, heavier watches - it keeps them in place securely without the added bulk of NATO style straps. I get them exclusively from HFW, due to the great customer service.

Perfect Perlon Strap!

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. A double weave which gives this strap a slightly thicker and more substantial feeling than other perlons available. The buckle itself is nicely polished, and matches the case of my speedy well! Being a perlon, this is of course highly adjustable and is very comfortable and breathable in most conditions.

functional and discreet

I bought this about 6 months ago to replace a leather strap. I am happy to say that this one shares none of the issues of the original. I waited until I had tried it in summer heat before reviewing. This band does not absorb moisture, get sticky or otherwise nasty, or smell, although you may need to clean between the strap and the case. It breathes better. The tightness can be adjusted very finely. I would agree with earlier reviewers that the color is quite dark. My first impression was that it was dark grey, but it really is just a dark, mellow brown. I have attached pictures taken in warm and cool lighting. Super pleased with the purchase.

Too stiff

Very stiff and scratchy. It looked soft in the pictures but it’s flat and rough. It’s not just this brand I have yet to find a soft comfortable perlon band, apparently there is no such thing and that’s a real shame. I hope someone makes one.


This is the perfect watch strap for my small wrist, it's pretty stiff so far but I'm sure it'll get more comfortable over time.