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Not Too Shabby

I like this strap overall. It is a bit stiff out of the package but after wearing it for a week it is more comfortable. It does not have a soft feel like other nylon or NATO straps but it is not uncomfortable. It isn't too fancy although I do like the look. The buckle and strap seem to be good quality. And it's held up brilliantly in the water. I'm pleased with the purchase and have no complaints.

FYI: dental floss is amazing at removing watch strap pins. Does not scratch the case or the strap. I use this to save my leather straps from getting damaged by a metal tool.

6 1/2 wrist and under ONLY

I have several other perlon straps that I paid much less for than this brand, it is extremely stiff just like a leather band would be, the prong on the buckle is difficult to set, and this particular (Palma) is shorter and made for 6.5 inch wrist only and below and that is why I'm selling mine since I tried to wear get and returns indicate that it must not be used... Try the Kristal band if your wrist size is more than 6.5 in.... But it does look good LOL

Great Perlon Strap

I have purchased several of the Eulit Palma Perlon straps, and they are both well-made and great looking. These are perfect for warm weather wear, giving the watch a colorful and sporty look, with a touch of class. Being able to customize the fit on my 6.5 inch wrist is a huge plus.


My first perlon, glad I chose Eulit. Great quality and very comfortable. Really like the blue color and thicker weave. Very reasonable price. Crazy fast shipping to Hawaii. Highly recommended.

Best perlon in the market

My first perlon strap comes with the watch that i purchased. Straight away, i feel the comfort and lightness of perlon, and i was hooked. Before i know it, i was in the market looking for the "best" perlon. As the many reviews recommend, Eulit is the best in the business. I thoroughly concur. The strap is of high quality. It is a bit rigit (which is good so your watch won't slide around when trying to put it on your wrist), but in no way it is uncomfortable. In fact, it almost feels like you are wearing a milanese bracelet. Life becomes much simpler. Perlon = Eulit. Full stop.

Note that due to the density of the weave, 22mm feels like 21mm and 20mm feels like 19mm.