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Great quality, super soft.

The product looks more orange than pictured and I actually like that more. Super soft and comfortable around the wrist.

Great quality for the price

As expected from Colareb. Compare to their higher end line Firenze, Roma, Matera. Spoleto falls short, I don’t find myself reaching for this one often, but it may just be because i am not into the thickness and the colour.

Beautiful strap, careful on length

This is a beautiful and very well made watch strap. It can be swapped between several of my watches which is fun and keeps it fresh. I don’t wear any other jewelry so my watches (and straps) are the only things I wear daily to bling up my situation!

- Thickness, this will last for a long time and most likely it will look better with each passing year
- Color. It has a few different darkness/lightness levels to choose from. all of them look very nice
- Durability - It's thick and will definitly last a long long time. No shortcuts taken with making this strap

- Strap length. I don’t have huge wrists. They are average at best. This strap is a little short however I can buckle it at the mid-point hole but I would like to see the non-buckle part of the strap (piece with the holes) about 1cm longer. I measured it against other straps I have and it does seem to be exactly 1cm shorter. The result is that the end of the strap with the nice white stitching is almost buried under the strap loops which is a shame. Perhaps over time they will stretch?

Overall, I would buy this again but I would like to investigate if there is a longer option. Perhaps it was a buyer error which is totally possible.

5.0 out of 5 starsI have no doubt that it is real leather but it seriously feels like rubber. Ve...

Note on photos: I wanted my strap a little darker than what I received so I rubbed some mink oil on it. Made it a fair bit darker.

It is incredibly soft. I have no doubt that it is real leather but it seriously feels like rubber. Very comfortable.

Absolutely Gorgeous!

It just reeks of quality. I heard of this brand from The Urban Gentry YouTube channel. I have a 7.25 inch wrist and the length is perfect. The aging of the leather is just spot-on. Really happy with this purchase.