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Excellent leather strap with one minor negative

Excellent strap. The one thing that could be better is the spacing of the holes. They could be placed closer together for a more precise fit. Other than that I am very pleased with it. I'd by one again should I need another.

Highly recommend

Valuable product, impeccable details.

Looks, feels and smells amazing

I am absolutely in love with this strap on my Seiko Chrono. It took a regular ol' quartz watch and turned it into something that looks downright glamorous, at least to me. The quality of the leather is worlds above the Archer strap I bought before and quickly returned. I have a small wrist, but the last hole on the watch provides a perfect fit. I can't wait to see how the leather breaks in and ages over time, but even right out of the box it was soft and flexible. This is my first "nice" strap and it runs circles around the $20 ones I'm used to buying. It was a bit of a treat myself moment, but I don't regret it for a second. Only problem is now I want to buy a few more in different colors/combinations for the rest of my collection!

It is so comfortable. I like to remove those clinky old metal ...

This strap is gorgeous, thick and burly. I put it on my Orient blue dial Mako II. It is so comfortable. I like to remove those clinky old metal bracelets that come with the watches and replace 'em with these handmade leather ColaReb straps. Each strap is handmade and one of a kind. The more you wear 'em the better they look and you want to wear the heck out of 'em! They get better and better the more you wear 'em. What can I say about it except that I looooove ColaReb straps!

Thick leather, nice replacement band.

Very happy , on my Citizen Eco-Drive. Comes with replacement spring rods