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Great value

Good quality and very comfortable. Don't be fooled by stamped clasp, it's solid and well made. But, for the price of this strap, it's worth buying just for the rubber should you choose to replace the clasp. It does have a fairly strong, but not unpleasant vanilla cake smell. It fades slightly after some time, but it's still pretty noticeable. Will likely buy more as my watch collection grows.

Great strap

Love the strap, has a nice vanilla scent to it which could be a plus or minus for someone but I like it. Easy to cut to size and looks great! For the price, it’s perfect.

Best bang for buck quality rubber strap

The BC rubber strap is great. Some people may not like the vanilla scent apparent on first opening it, but I personally like it and this brand is known for that scent. When I researched non-silicone rubber straps for my watch, this was one of the few brand I came across at this price point at this high a quality. Sizing the strap is a little stressful, because you don't want to screw it up, but it looks great and feels great when finished. The only improvement I would make in the strap is a machined/more unique clasp, but that would significantly increase the price point. That being said, the clasp it comes with works perfectly well. I really like this new style BC released where it is a smooth finish on one side and reversible to a carbon fiber like finish on the other. The smooth finish is slightly textured compared to their other model, the 300. I think this looks great as it almost gives it a leather-like look to the finisher rather than being a pure flat black. As you can tell, very happy with this purchase.

Good value.

Nice band, with reversible texture. The clasp is sturdy enough.

Four Stars

Well built but not the most comfortable in my opinion.