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Great Strap!

This strap is thick and heavy. Feels like quality! I love the smell. I think it looks great on my Seiko Tuna. I’m glad I chose this Bonetto Cinturini. Holben’s was great also! Fast shipping and awesome communication.


Awesome strap , very thick , VERY GOOD QUALITY, feels like expansive watch strap On my Khaki Field looks great , bought specially for water activity , Recomended

Works Great on a Citizen 23mm Lug Watch

I ordered this strap as a replacement strap for my Citizen watch, which has 23mm lugs. I was disappointed with my Citizen strap, since it didn't even last two years before it started to tear. A Citizen replacement strap was also between $60 and $80. The challenge with the Citizen watch is that it has 23mm lugs and most bands come in even sizes - 22mm or 24mm. I received a lot of conflicting advice regarding what size to get with the 23mm lugs. Some say to get a 24mm band, since leather and rubber can be squeezed in to the lugs and one won't see the pin and it is more secure. Others say the 24mm rubber strap can't be squeezed into the lugs, so one has to go with a 22mm. I purchased the 22mm band, since I really wanted to have a band with a clasp and I liked the carbon fiber detailing on the strap.

The band itself does not disappoint - the rubber is soft and pliable. It was immediately comfortable, just as the OEM citizen strap. The carbon fiber detailing gives the watch a unique, upscale look vs. a plain rubber band. Given rubber's enhanced durability (water, UV, etc.) vs. silicon, I am hoping this strap lasts longer than the original strap. The clasp is solid, but the original Citizen clasp seemed to be a little sturdier and didn't have the fold-over mechanism making it easier to use.

There is a small gap when using the CB strap on the 23mm lug, but it is hardly noticeable. Hopefully, there will be no issues with the security of the underlying pin.

In general, I highly recommend this strap, particularly if you have a watch with 22mm or 23mm lugs.

Great Product

This is by far the nicest rubber strap I've ever encountered. The material is infused with a vanilla scent that my gf absolutely loved ;) get yourself one.

Smells very strong and unpleasant

Very high quality band with, to me, an intolerably strong vanilla-like smell. It permeates the air around me and is very unpleasant. Ten months later and smell is just as strong.