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Awesome band but that smell...

Extremely high quality and beautiful band BUT it is plagued by this vanilla smell. Not subtle at all, very strong and annoying. Not sure how to fix.

Very good quality

Very high quality. Rubber is really nice. Supple and easy for break in, but hard enough to be a little difficult to cut straight. Measure three times and cut once. Perfect for a sport watch. Very pleased and will order additional colors.

Pretty nice

I bought this band specifically because I wanted a rubber deployment style band that dust and lint wouldn't stick to. It meets those desires perfectly. It looks and smells really nice too.

I have two complaints:
It could be a bit wider. My watch takes a 22mm band and this wiggles just enough to annoy me.

There are only so many adjustment holes available. If you have a super dainty wrist (less than 6" probably) this band might not go small enough. I have it on the absolute smallest adjustment possible (approximate 6.25" wrist) and it fits great, but there's absolutely no way for me to tighten it if I desired to.

Looks awesome on my Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-28E highly recommend

Looks awesome on my Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-28E highly recommend! Love the vanilla scent. Legit Italian rubber and very comfortable to wear. Ditch the OEM band and get one of these you will not be disappointed. Easy to size.

Great Option if you’re comfortable sizing

Get the bad out of the way. You have to take a knife to this and there isn’t a ton of room for error. The clasp is a little on the cheap side, but totally reasonable for the price.

Once you get past that it really is comfortable, stylish and made well. Id recommend to anyone with an xacto blade and patience.