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Orange is the new Black

Very pleased with the look and fit of this watchband on my Phobios Ocean Master.
The orange band and black buckle go perfectly with the black face and orange minute hand.
It also feels more comfortable than the OEM strap. Kudos!

Perfect Strap

I bought two of these straps to go with my Seiko turtles, these straps are fantastic they are super soft and comfortable and even fit a stock Seiko buckle if you want to match the case color. I give these straps 👍👍 and would highly recommend them to anyone

Expensive with downsides. Fails the value equation.

Expensive at $30. This watch strap fails the value equation. And beyond that, there are downsides.
"Look, I just have to be honest with you."
- It's flat against the skin, no texture. The material sticks to your skin too. You wrist cannot breath. It's uncomfortable. Unless it is winter time, you are going to sweat under this strap.
- It's big. Pay attention to advertised sizing. My 7" wrist is on third hole from smallest. Lots of extra strap. And since the material is kind of sticky, the keeper for the excess strap is hard to adjust.
- It smells. At first, vanilla scent is kind of cool, different. Then later, you think, "Why?" It's a watch strap." It's weird.
I like the concept, a premium rubber strap to replace cheaper OEM straps (it does seem durable). In practice, it fails. I ended up making friends with the factory rubber strap (#4FY8JZ) for my Seiko SKX009. A little stiff, but none of the issues listed here. They are cheaper to buy too.

Favorite rubber strap to date. Highly recommend.

Iconic design. Great construction and durability.

Awesome strap for summer.

Love this strap! Not stiff and just the right thickness.