Bonetto Cinturini Sizing Guide

Shorten your Bonetto Cinturini rubber deployant strap

Congratulations! You've purchased one of the best rubber watch straps available. Italian strapmaker Bonetto Cinturini produces OEM dive and sport straps for many of the world's most reputable watchmakers. Its high quality vulcanized nitrile (NBR) rubber is waterproof, non-toxic and non-allergenic, as well as resistant to saltwater and UVA damage. In addition, NBR rubber is much less prone to attract lint and dust than other types of rubber, such as silicone.

Instructions for adjusting the length of your rubber strap

So you're ready to show off your new strap, but it's a bit loose on your wrist? Another nice feature of your Bonetto Cinturini deployant strap: it's easily adjustable to various lengths. Here's how to cut it down to size for a perfect fit.

Caution: Measure twice, cut once. Be patient, and remove a small section at a time. You don't want to cut it too short!

We cannot accept returns or exchanges of straps that have been cut incorrectly.


Bonetto Cinturini sizing instructions

1. Open the deployant buckle. Using a spring bar remover, small screwdriver or similar tool, push through one of the three pinholes on the side of the buckle to disconnect the spring bar. Remove the strap piece from the buckle.




Bonetto Cinturini cutting instructions

2. Lay the piece on a flat surface. Working from the buckle end, use a sharp kitchen or craft knife to carefully cut away a 6-7mm section of rubber. Don't cut too close to the metal placeholder bar in the strap.





Bonetto Cinturini sizing instructions

 3. With your spring bar remover or screwdriver, tap out the placeholder bar closest to the newly cut edge. Insert the spring bar pin into this channel. Discard the placeholder bar.




Bonetto Cinturini sizing instructions

4. Reattach the strap piece to the buckle, and connect the strap to your watch.

5. Still too large? Repeat steps 1-3 on the other strap piece (make sure to cut even-sized sections from each piece, or your strap will be lopsided).

6. Continue the process until you reach the correct length.

7. Use the three spring bar pinholes on the side of the buckle to micro-adjust the strap for a custom, comfortable fit.

8. Enjoy your new strap!