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Excellent Quality, Comfortable, Stylish

I wasn't happy with regular straps for my Strela Cosmos Chronograph. I'd gotten used to wearing my Seiko Turtle, which is 44mm, but felt like a change. My Strela is only 40mm, and looked puny and wimpy on my wrist after the Seiko. And it has long lugs, which doesn't help. Anyway, I went on the hunt for a bund strap, which led me to the Fluco cuff strap. I like the idea of the bund, but it seems kind of clumsy, in a way. So I looked at as many shots of the Fluco cuff that I could, and decided to take a risk. I wasn't disappointed. It really looks cool, and is so comfortable. No breaking in, either. The calf leather is super soft and supple right out of the pouch. I did have to use the last holes on the cuff for my Strela since the lugs are so long (right at the max of 48mm in the description), but the watch fits perfectly and is stable on the cuff. I highly recommend it!

Sturdy and elegant

The leather is thick and sturdy yet supple. It has various holes to accomodate a number of watch lengths. It works well with both large diameter as well as small diameter watches. I'm using it on a 30mm Bulova A-11. The strap holds the watch safely while also carrying an aesthetic. I also like that the leather protects the back of the watch and the engravings from perspiration,etc. It's perfect for this 75 year old watch. I'm thinking about getting the same band for my modern Damasko DS30 (39mm diameter).

Bring new life to an old watch

I used this band to replace the canvas band on my Citizen Watches Mens AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch which I also purchased on Amazon. Let me say, that I loved that watch. I bought it as a gift for myself when I graduated Basic Training, and though it matched well as a watch to wear in uniform. By the time I got out of the Army the watch was still going strong, but the original canvas band had seen better days. I never really loved the band that came with the watch anyway, so I started looking for a better option. That's when I found this band. I love it. I've been wearing it for three years now, and the band has held up well. It is leather, and I wear this as a daily watch, so it has some staining and things from wearing out fishing and getting it wet, etc., but it has been a great band. When this one wears out I'll buy another one. The only place I've really seen wear on the watch after three years is on the underside of the watch on the excess part of the band, and on the leather loops that keep the excess leather from flapping around, which you can see in the photos. I've never even bothered to condition or treat the leather, which would probably help it last longer.

Gorgeous strap for a large (46mm) watch.

I got this strap to fit an odd sized 46mm diver's style watch. The watch came with a 26mm wide strap that only fits 14mm lugs. To retrofit another strap I needed something simultaneously wide and narrow. This one really fits the bill, being 30mm wide, but mounting to 14mm lubs. Perfect! But don't take my word for it, see the attached photos.

Lookin' and feelin' good!

Very nice strap! Looks and feels GREAT with my Seiko Alpinist!