ColaReb Sustain Brown Vegan Leather Watch Strap

  • From ColaReb, an Italian family business based in Rome.
  • Handmade in Italy.
  • 100% vegan, PVC-free microfiber leather substitute.
  • Completely biodegradable.
  • Smooth finish with superior abrasion resistance.
  • Soft and supple (no break-in time!)
  • 3mm thick.
  • Short length: 105mm / 70mm excluding buckle; total length 6-3/4" (175mm) excluding buckle.
  • Regular length: 120mm / 75mm excluding buckle; total length 7-5/8" (195mm) excluding buckle.
  • Fitted with a ColaReb-branded polished stainless steel buckle.
  • Integrated with stainless steel quick-release spring bars.
  • Shopping for your Apple Watch? Select 22mm, and use one of our handy adapters.
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Strap 18 20 22
Buckle 16 16 18

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Brad I
Does not Properly Fit Garmin 20mm

Unfortunately the 20mm quick release bar on these bands do not properly fit my 20mm Garmin Venu 2 Plus. One side on each band continually comes loose and a couple times my watch has completely fallen off due to this defect. Most of the time the watch stays on my wrist but it's incredibly annoying because one side of each band will come loose a few times every hour. It's such a bad fit that I can just pop it back in without using the quick release mechanism. Otherwise it's very nice but essentially useless to me now.

Ian Chandler
An excellent, sturdy vegan strap

ColaReb makes amazing vegan straps, and this is no exception. It mimics leather surprisingly well; it has a nearly identical feel and texture. Even up close, it looks a lot like real leather. It's a thick yet comfortable strap that looks good with almost any watch. Since it's so close to leather, it's probably the best vegan strap for more formal watches. This will be my strap of choice for dress watches for sure.

Exactly the one I was looking for

the moment you have it in your hands, it almost weighs nothing and is super light. I personally am not a fan of cheap leather strap for some obvious reasons: they wear out and show wrinkles that look cheap and inside the strap being a different material or color. Although it's only been a few days, this one gives a nice natural wrinkle, a sign of good aging. A very high quality watch strap!

Gave my watch an instant makeover

Really comfortable and handsome strap! My watch originally came with a cheap-o, stiff that split after a few wears and the loop broke off - the ColaReb instantly made my watch wearable again and look sooo much better. I love that there was a vegan option, too, and will buy one for my other watch when more come in stock.

Brady Werkheiser
This is the best vegan watch band!

I have a vintage watch that wouldn't look great with a plastic/metal watch band so I wanted something that resembled leather without the animal cruelty. This band was exactly what I was hoping for. My watch's lug width is 17mm, but the people at the watch store said an 18mm band would work just as well. Sure enough it worked. Will definitely recommend Holben's!