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Very nice strap!

This is a great alternative to leather. The stitching is flawless. I highly recommend.

Excellent Vegan Strap

There aren't many good vegan leather watch straps out there, but this turned out to be the perfect one, even coming in odd sizes like 19mm, and with quick release tabs to boot. If you're a vegan looking for a good watch strap, or even just someone looking for a good strap in general, I'd highly recommend this. Also I was extremely pleased with the customer service from Holben's.

Excellent strap

As a vegan who just got into watches, I'm glad that there are so many non-leather straps out there, but this strap is an especially fantastic option. It's smooth and comfortable to wear, and it has a similar texture to real leather. The light brown color pairs well with a wide variety of dials. I bought it specifically for my SNK805, and it complements the green dial nicely. The fact that it's made from a family-owned Italian business is just the cherry on top. Definitely going to get more of these EcoSuede straps!

Fantastic material

Absolutely awesome purchase. Arrived to L.A. very quickly, and it looks/feels perfect. HOWEVER, if you have small wrists, this strap will be a problem for you. I'm in my mid 20s, but I have to wear mine on the very 1st hole, and I can easily fit 2 fingers underneath. On cold days it wiggles a lot. But aside from that, I'm satisfied with it, and have already recommended it to my coworker.

Pretty nice.

I'm rather new to watches so haven't tried too many straps just yet. This is probably the nicest i've tried (and also most expensive.) I was pretty lucky in that the smallest hole is the perfect size, it's also very flexible and it doesn't feel like it's squeezing both sides of my wrist.

I'm no vegan but I've got headphones with an alcantara head strap that I I'm a big fan of, and this watch strap has a little different texture, but it is still very soft and feels quality. I've never felt ultrasuede, but it feels almost as quality as the alcantaras I've felt.

The only thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the taper but I can deal with it.