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Best NATO I own!

This is the perfect NATO for my use. I wanted a strap that was lite, that was rubber, that smelled great, and looked good. Plus you easily make it a single pass ZULU. I wish they had it in Orange.

Great all rounder.

One of the best NATO straps I've ever experienced. Strapped my Sinn EZM 3 on and the perfect pair for a diver or for daily wear. Easy on the wrist, greats looks, durable and easy to clean!

Vanilla scented lovely nato

Beauty. Such a lovely italian rubber strap. I have the 20mm version in navy on my newly acquired seiko sbdc053. 7 inch wrist. Fits perfect. If your wrists are 7.5 or larger beware it wont work.

New Favorite Nato

My new favorite Nato. Not sure why it's vanilla scented, but that doesn't detract from the quality of the strap. However you may develop a craving for cookies or a brownie. I've got it on a Seamaster Professional Apnea and it looks great. Strong enough to stand up to the weight of the watch without being bulky itself. I wish they carried the other colors in this series,

Best NATO Strap Ever!

I can't say enough good things about this rubber NATO strap! First, it's very supple and fits my wrist perfectly. I was able to trim the end off so that I don't have to double the strap over into the second metal keeper. I used an X-Acto knife and a coin to keep the end of the band rounded. Another thing I really like about this NATO strap is that it's not so thick that my watch sits too high on my wrist. It has a very low profile since it's just 1.5mm thick. I wear it on a Sinn 356 acrylic Flieger and I like the look of this combination (check out the attached photo). Finally, the strap has a slight hint of vanilla which is actually kind of pleasant. The scent is less pronounced now after a few days of wearing it, though. If you're into NATO straps, you should definitely look into owning one from Bonetto Cinturini.