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Perfect! Better than expected!

I don't normally write a review, ever. But I had to for this. After looking online for an hour for an Orange rubber deployment claps for my Rolex Submariner I can across this one. I found ones online for over $200, but I'm not paying that for a piece of rubber.

This strap is very good quality - better than i expected. After sizing it to my wrist, it fits perfect.

VERY satisfied with the purchase and after looking at their other items, I will be purchasing a leather strap from them as well.

Definitely recommend!

I wasn’t really sure if I’d like this style of band or not

I wasn’t really sure if I’d like this style of band or not; or the quality of the band for this price. But after wearing it a few days so far this is one of my favorite watch bands. The quality actually seems really good including the hardware/clasps. I think it matches the overall look of my watch pretty well for casual use. I’d recommend these bands for anyone looking for a more casual style for their watch. I’ll probably eventually pick up a few additional bands in some other colors in the future.

I would easily pay twice the price for this

This is the second one I bought within a week, I believe. I originally bought a black one and was quite surprised by the quality of the rubber and the overall build quality. I would easily pay twice the price for this. So I went and bought a second one to match the color of the watch dial. It feels light, looks fantastic and gives the watch a completely new and fresh look. I am now a rubber strap fan, much more durable and attractive than leather, in my opinion.

Very nice natural rubber strap.

Great watch strap - the natural rubber is a joy to wear and smell. One complaint is that the small fold over piece of the clasp is polished stainless and not brushed like the rest of the clasp. From the image, the entire clasp looks brushed, but that is not the case with the clasp on the strap that I received. One other complaint is that the spring bars that it comes with are very thin and we're constantly falling out as I tried to put the strap on my watch. I switched them out with thicker spring bars so they would stay in place when removing or installing the strap. Make sure you are careful when you size it. I used a box cutter/utility blade and a speed square to ensure my cuts were straight.

300L(smooth) = 300D(textured)

The band smells really nice and the clasp seems to be better made than the cheaper bands available on the site. Two pins for attaching the band to the case are also included. The seller explains that the 300L(smooth surface) is the same band as the 300D(textured) only reversed. You can find that information in the product description. I only read the information below the title and product specifications so I thought I received the wrong one. I also tend to rely on product images so I missed this important detail. It is a nice feature for some buyers since they get two watch bands in one. For me it meant a choice between keeping the textured surface against my skin where it will accumulate a greater number of dead skin cells, or facing the textured side outward which makes the typical uneven wear more pronounced. I also wanted a smooth surface on both sides to make cleaning easier.

The customer service from Holben's Fine Watch Bands was exceptional. The owner responded to messages within minutes even though they were sent after 6PM Pacific Time. The owner was also very patient and understanding throughout the resolution process. My eyes fixated on the textured surface when I opened the package and I thought I received the wrong band. Holben's will be the first place I visit if I need bands in the future.