Erika's Originals MN Burgundy Black Watch Strap

  • Get it fast: Our in-stock Erika's Originals straps ship immediately from Washington state!
  • Handcrafted by Erika and a small team of artisans in her atelier in Valencia, Spain.
  • Based on the vintage Marine Nationale watch strap, invented by French naval divers for use with their military-issued Tudor MN watches.
  • Widely considered one of the most comfortable all-season watch straps on the market today.
  • Superior European spandex elastic nylon, dyed to perfection in Switzerland, provides extreme comfort and moisture regulation.
  • Woven to the highest specification, using traditional methods on state-of-the-art looms.
  • Rounded-edge, non-fraying endless weave elastic (two perfect sides!).
  • Strong, durable material can support even the beefiest watches, and retains its fit when others fail.
  • Lines are 100% hand stitched using premium European yarns.
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free.
  • Easily micro-adjustable (via sliding clasp) for the perfect fit.
  • Fits wrists 6-1/4"-7-3/4" (175mm/7.00 inch on Erika's site).
  • 2mm thick.
  • 316 brushed stainless steel buckle is ocean and pool water resistant, and complements a variety of watch case finishes.
  • Hand-washing recommended: Soak in warm water, along with a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid or baking soda. Rinse well; air-dry.
  • To determine size, measure the distance (in millimeters) between the lugs of your watch.
  • Includes one free pair of strong, seamless double-flange stainless steel spring bars.

Curious about how and where Erika's Originals' MN™ straps are made? Check out this video produced by Erika and Swiss watch company Oris (along with Ted, the Oris Bear): 

Erika's Originals MN Watch Straps: How and Where They're Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Very comfortable, great for big watches

Great strap. Easy to adjust. A little complicated to put on initially. I really like how secure and comfortable it keeps my Orient Defender 2 against my wrist. Small scratch on buckle after nearly a year of frequent use

This strap is superb!

Just received this strap this morning. After wearing all day it feels as I don't have watch on my wrist. After trying many Nato straps this one is the best. It is even more comfortable then Tudor! Ordering another one right now....

Perfect for the FXD

Another stunner and perfect matching color for my FXD. If you have an FXD you must have one of these straps. Also shipping is super fast, only few days from west to east coast.

Another Stunner Combo

Just like the denim MN I bought for my Blue Pelagos this Navy w/ red stripe works perfectly w/ my BB GMT. I ordered my 1st MN [2018] directly from Erika for my 7.25" wrist. These straps are made for 7" wrists and although a bit shorter they fit fine. Buying from Holben's saved me time & $$.

A Perfect Match!

As a previous MN owner I already knew how great these straps were. But while visiting Holben's website I stumbled upon the MN denim and found the perfect match for my blue Pelagos. Durable [still wearing an MN from 2018], super comfortable, & with all protection found on a standard NATO, make this a great option for my Pelagos.