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The watch/band combination turned out exactly like the picture! I put it on my Oris Big Crown and it just looks so masculine. I also like the fact that it's like having 2 watches because with and without bund looks so different. But both look great depending on what mood/attire you're in.

I have a 6.4 inch wrist and I wear it in the 4th hole if with the bund. Without the bund, I use the 2nd hole. It has 7 holes in total. So With the bund it will probably fit wrists that are between 4.65-8.15". Without the bund, the minimum wrist size would be 5.8" and the maximum would be a lot more than 8.15".

As for the quality, it is thick yet comfortable. I have to see how it holds up though because I've only got it for 2 days. My only gripe is that I have stitching that is somewhat lose in the bind itself. Others probably won't notice it, but it kind of bothers me this bund strap is kind of expensive compared to the others and because I know it's there. You could see it in the last photo.

Excellent quality strap for a titanium watch.

The Quality of this leather watch band is good. The strap may be small due to the bund pad, but after wearing it I notice it stretches a little. Seller was receptive to my questions. I used this strap on a titanium Tutima Military chronograph with Lemania 5100 movement. Looks good.

Five Stars

repeat purchase for quality and cost

Nice band, very thick

Nice band, very thick, nice leather. Strap is shorter then standard which works out fine for me because my wrist is very small. For those with large wrist check the measurements or ask if a longer strap can be substituted.