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My first perlon, glad I chose Eulit. Great quality and very comfortable. Really like the blue color and thicker weave. Very reasonable price. Crazy fast shipping to Hawaii. Highly recommended.

Best perlon in the market

My first perlon strap comes with the watch that i purchased. Straight away, i feel the comfort and lightness of perlon, and i was hooked. Before i know it, i was in the market looking for the "best" perlon. As the many reviews recommend, Eulit is the best in the business. I thoroughly concur. The strap is of high quality. It is a bit rigit (which is good so your watch won't slide around when trying to put it on your wrist), but in no way it is uncomfortable. In fact, it almost feels like you are wearing a milanese bracelet. Life becomes much simpler. Perlon = Eulit. Full stop.

Note that due to the density of the weave, 22mm feels like 21mm and 20mm feels like 19mm.


I bought this strap for my newly acquired Seiko ALPINIST. This is my second Eulit watch band and I continue to be impressed for the quality and value. These straps are so comfortable, probably the most comfortable straps in my collection. The hardware is amazing and this watch does not look or feel cheap in any way. The packaging was straight forward and shipping was fast. My nephew was so impressed by the band that he decided to buy one for his black Rolex Submariner. I've only owned it for a few weeks but I haven't noticed any fading, fraying, or quality concerns. I'll update in a few months. Please note that this is a thicker perlon strap compared to Eulit's other offerings. I personally like the thicker braids on certain timepieces...especially for any tool watches. I'd go with a more finer Eulit Perlon for dressing up. The dark chocolate brown works very well with my Seiko ALPINIST.

Great strap

Sooooo nice. Its super breathable and actually really comfy. I read online that Perlon can tend to be really scratchy, but this is not at all. Sometimes it feels like nothing is there. Eulit is praised as the best perlon strap manufacturer, and I can see why. Holbens has great shipping too, good seller.

This has a very nice weave that looks great on my 6105-8110

This has a very nice weave that looks great on my 6105-8110. It is stiff to begin with, but breaks in nice and is very comfortable.