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Way better than a NATO strap

I’ll defiantly be getting more of these straps in different colors. They’re so much slimmer than a NATO and you can always get it to fit to the perfect size. They’re suppose to be waterproof also but I have yet to try it out. To be honest I don’t like NATO and was iffy on trying these out but don’t knock it till you try it.

Most comfortable strap I have ever worn

Extraordinarily lightweight, infinitely adjustable, tough. Also adds just a little bit of interesting texture to sterile watches (e.g., pilot/field watches). Don't buy a fake Perlon strap. This is the real deal, and worth the money.

Very Comfortable and Durable Watchbands

I've been wearing this watchband 24/7 for the past 6 months, finally scrubbed it today with some Dawn and a toothbrush. I haven't worn a watch continuously like this ever in my life, and I'm over 50. I suppose the lightweight Misfit Shine 2 "time piece" plays a fair part in the overall comfort but this Eulit band is definitely the most comfortable watchband I've ever used. I do a bunch of carpentry, mechanical work, farming, et cetera, so the band has been put through the wringer and it is holding up great.

Great genuine perlon braided nylon watch strap

Excellent perlon woven nylon band for tropical or hot weather wear. This model is fitted to the buckle in an adjustable fashion so you can vary the length, and also change the length so from week to week you're not using the same spot to put the buckle's tongue through.

How to reshape the band after wear? I soak it in tepid water or warm water for 10-20 minutes, then massage it back into shape, and let air dry. The buckle is lightweight, and appears stamped, but is also ... lightweight, adding to this strap's very easy-to-wear profile. You'll hardly know it's there. Suitable for wear in the water, like other woven nylon straps, but this one will dry out much quicker. (I recommend a fresh water soak after salt wate or chlorinated water exposure.)

Glad I switched.

If you don't consciously think about it, you wouldn't know your watch was even there!

Most comfortable band I've ever had.