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Distressed autumn

Thick, firm leather but wears comfortably like every other Colareb. The brown reminds me of autumn leaves, calm and soothing in a way. The texture is similar to a mix between Spoleto and Roma, gives a slight vintage feel to the watch.

Works great with winter clothes.

Agreed. Top quality amazing details

Very, very nice. Quality materials and not cheap in any way. Even the sides are painted. The strap keeper is laced back so it doesn't move. It's distressed and gives my Seiko the exact look I wanted. One quibble: I prefer a straight strap and this one is tapered from 22 to 20 mm. Dear Colleen: please make some straight straps!

Pure luxury quality

This takes my 42mm Hamilton khaki field to a whole new level compared to the standard leather strap. Vintage quality. It's incredible and worth every single penny!!!

My favorite leather watch strap.

I like the heck out of this strap. Good leather: thick, with a nice texture. I especially like the stitching. I wear this mainly on an older modified seiko dive watch, and it gives a it a sort of rustic look. It’s the only watch strap I think I’ve ever been complimented on.

Attached photos show the strap after several months of wear. (Sorry, I’m not a photographer.) I’ve worn this through tons of sweat, dirt, and who knows what else. I think it still looks great. Someday in the faraway future when this thing gives out, I will definitely hope to buy another.

Great quality bracelet, vintage worn look is authentic

Love the quality and the look is exactly what you see in the pics people are posting. I have a seiko skx and a turtle too (black faces), so no point showing you mine :) it's a little stiff off the bat buts it's been 12 hours. Only thing to consider is the length per your wrist. I have a 7 1/4" wrist and I am on the second to last hole. The end will tuck, but it is short. If you have 7 1/2 it won't fit. If you're under 7 it's probably ideal. The quality is well represented, so feel comfortable in that regard. The color of mine is slightly lighter but not a surprise because of the weathering it'll be different each time I suppose!